How to contact Mimer

Customer Centre

Contact our Customer Centre if you have any questions about rentals, your lease and keys, or if you want to make improvements to your apartment.

Address: Gasverksgatan 7 Västerås
Regular visiting hours: Monday–Friday 10:00–17:00
Phone: 021-39 70 00
Regular phone hours: Monday–Thursday 10:00–17:00, Friday 10:00–15:00

Report a problem

If you have any questions about your apartment, or if you want to report a problem or defect, contact our Customer Centre.

You can make a serviceanmälan as follows:

  • Call 021-39 70 00. We are available to receive reports of any problem by phone Monday–Thursday 8:00–16:00 and Friday 8:00–14:00 (regular hours).
  • Log in to Mina sidor (the information is in Swedish) and submit a report of the problem.
    You can see your problem reports and their current status on Mina sidor.

Contact the on-call service at 021-39 70 70 in case of urgent matters in the evenings and on weekends. Examples of urgent matters include your neighbours being noisy, locking yourself out of your home, or cars being parked where they do not belong and blocking the way.