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How to pay your invoice

Pay your rent by no later than the last weekday of the month. If you do not pay your rent within this time, you will receive a debt collection claim from Sergel Inkasso, which is the debt collection agency we have contracted with. You will not receive any payment reminders, just the rent invoice.

If the rent is still not paid after three weeks, the matter will be sent to Kronofogden, the Swedish Enforcement Authority. There is then a risk that your lease will be terminated and you will lose your home. Mimer may choose to terminate your lease if you pay your rent late several times.

There are different ways to make your rent payment

Direct debit: The rent is withdrawn from your bank account automatically. All you need to do is make sure that there is enough money in your account on the last weekday of each month, which is when the rent is withdrawn from your account. When you pay via direct debit, no physical invoice will be sent to your home.

E-invoice: The rent invoice is sent directly to your online bank electronically. You can choose e-invoice if you are a private individual and you are the lease holder with us. You must also have access to online banking.

Online banking: If you receive paper invoices and pay your rent via online banking, remember to enter our bankgiro number (808-6142) and the OCR reference number found on the remittance slip. If you fail to do this, we will not be able to tell that the payment is from you.

At the bank: If you pay by post or at the bank, use the remittance slip that came with your rent invoice. If you lose it and instead write out your own remittance slip, be sure to write your name, your address and your lease number. You must also enter Bostads AB Mimer as the recipient and enter our bankgiro number, which is 808-6142.

If you want a paper invoice, this costs SEK 39 per month. You can easily avoid this fee by choosing direct debit or e-invoice.

Where can I view my invoices?

When you log in to Mina sidor (My pages) (the information is in Swedish), you can click on “Mina fakturor” (My invoices) to see all of your invoices. From here, you can print your invoice by clicking on “Detaljer” (Details) for the invoice in question and then clicking on the “Skriv ut” (Print) button.

Mimer’s Customer Centre cannot print out any invoices for you. You can instead do this at the library.

Welcome to your laundry room!

Here are a few tips to make the laundry room a pleasant place for everyone.

  • Only do your laundry during your booked time slot.
  • Remember to remove the fluff from the tumble dryer filter.
  • Wipe down the washing machines, including the detergent and fabric softener drawers.
  • Clean the floor. Then clean and return the cleaning equipment to the storage area.
  • Sort any waste and dispose of it in the laundry room or the Eco-Container.
  • Something broken? Call 021-39 70 00 or report the fault via Mina sidor (My pages).

Join our parking queue

To rent a parking space, you must have paid your apartment rent on time and in full for the last six months.

You may only rent a parking space in your local area. If there is a surplus of parking spaces in other areas, you may also rent there, but 25% VAT will be added to the price.

You can express interest in no more than three parking spaces at a time. If you turn down, or fail to respond to, three offers in a 30-day period, you will be blocked from having the possibility to express interest in any further parking spaces for 30 days.

To be able to apply for a parking space, you must first join our parking queue via Mina sidor (My pages). Kontakta oss (Contact us) if you need help.

Apartment swap

If your situation in life has changed and you are no longer able to stay in the apartment, you can apply for a housing swap.

The following is required when applying for a swap:

  • In order for us to process your housing swap application, you must have lived in the apartment for at least one (1) year. This is done to avoid people transferring leases for payment.
  • Both you and the person you want to swap with must meet våra grundkrav (our basic requirements) and must not have mismanaged previous housing.
  • A prerequisite for a swap is that both you and the new tenant intend to live in the swapped apartments. If not, there is a risk that you will each lose your lease.
  • Neither party is allowed to accept or offer money in connection with the swap. This is against the law.
  • No housing swap may take place until we have approved the application. If you do not have an approved application, you may lose your lease.
  • The apartment must also have been inspected, and you must have signed a lease.
  • Your apartment application will be deleted when you switch to a Mimer apartment, and thus your queue points will also disappear.
  • If you have a housing assistance agreement with the City of Västerås, you are not permitted to carry out a housing swap.
  • If you have a record of late rent payments, you may only switch to a less expensive apartment.

The Ansökan om bostadsbyte form (Housing swap application) (pdf) (in Swedish)